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Sodasorb® LF CO2 Absorbent

Sodasorb® LF CO2 Absorbent
Sodasorb® LF CO2 Absorbent is specifically formulated to prevent the degradation of anesthesia gases that can lead to problematic byproducts, and has a permanent color change when absorbent is exhausted.

The Sodasorb® LF color indicator sticker should be applied to the anesthesia machine absorber canister and be used as a guide to determine the efficacy of the Sodasorb® LF. If the observed color appears to be in the range from 1 to 6, the product is still useful. Product with color in the range from 7 to 12 is ready to be changed out. Stickers are available at no charge by contacting Smiths Medical Customer Service or Clinical Support at 800-258-5361 (toll-free), +1 214-618-0218 or SurgiVet® Clinical Support via email at The chart can also be found on the back side of the product brochure. It is recommended that customers not print their own reference chart since the color and quality of computer printers varies.

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Product Specifications

Sodasorb® LF CO2 Absorbent

Reorder CodeDescription
008855Plastic bottle (9.3 lbs.)
008865Refill bag (2.2 lbs.)
008875Pre pak (2.2 lbs.)