Anesthesia Equipment

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CDS 9000 Small Animal Anesthesia Machine - Tabletop

CDS 9000 Small Animal Anesthesia Machine - Tabletop
Common features of the small animal anesthesia machine include a pop-off valve designed to interface with an active waste gas evacuation system and maintain a passively full rebreathing bag; a non-rebreathing outlet port; and 200 ml to four liter O2 flowmeter. It has an easy, quick change absorber canister.
Unit has flexibility to accommodate changing clinical practices with optional kits to convert from a tabletop unit to a pole mount or wall mount unit.

Product Features
  • Powder coated for quick and easy cleaning
  • Two built-in handles
  • Adaptable to all styles of vaporizers
  • Mobile
  • 14.5-inch H x 14.25-inch W x 10.5-inch D
  • 15 lbs.
  • Five year warranty*

Product Specifications

CDS 9000 Tabletop

Reorder CodeDescription
WWV9010Single Flowmeter
WWV9011Dual Flowmeter
WWV9012N20/02 Flowmeter

Items Included

Reorder CodeDescription
32359B3F-circuit with two liter bag
32359B6Modified Jackson Rees with 1/2 liter bag
N/ASodasorb® CO2 Absorbent refill bag (2.2 lbs)
V7309Pop-Off Occlusion Valve
WWV1932Operation Manual

Optional Conversion Kits & Brackets

Reorder CodeDescription
WWV90MBMonitor Bracket
WWV90PKPole Mount Kit
WWV90WMWall Mount Kit