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Vaporstick Anesthesia Machine

Vaporstick Anesthesia Machine
The Vaporstick Anesthesia Machine is designed to be used as a non-rebreathing system or to supply oxygen to intensive care units and nebulizers.

A five-wheel base makes the unit balanced and stable.

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Product Specifications

Items Included

Reorder CodeDescription
32359B2Avian research circuit and 1/4 liter bag
32359B6Modified Jackson Rees with 1/2 liter bag
OpManOperations Manual

Vaporstick Anesthesia Machine

Reorder CodeDescription
V7015Single O2 200 ml-4 lpm flowmeter
V701501Air and O2
V701502O2, N2O, and fail-safe
V701504Single O2 0-1000 ml flowmeter