Gas Delivery Management

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Product Specifications

Dual Flowmeters

Reorder CodeImageDescription
32375B12Variant DetailDual O2/air flowmeter 0-4 lpm
32375B2Variant DetailDual O2 flowmeter 0-1000 and 0-4.5 lpm
32375B4 Dual O2/N20 flowmeter 0-4 lpm

Flowmeter Replacement Parts

Reorder CodeImageDescription
32413B1 O2 Thorpe tube 0-4 lpm
32413B2Variant DetailO2 needle valve with torque guard
32413B4 Thorpe tube lens cover

Respiratory Flowmeters

Reorder CodeImageDescription
32066B1Variant Detail0-3 lpm
32375B5 0-15 lpm
32375B6 0-5 lpm

Single Flowmeters

Reorder CodeImageDescription
32375B1 O2 single flowmeter 0-1000 ml
32375B10 N2O single flowmeter 0-4 lpm
32375B8Variant DetailO2 single flowmeter 0-4 lpm