Gas Delivery Management

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Hard Line Assemblies

Wall outlets

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Product Specifications

Recessed Rough in Assembly

Reorder CodeImageDescription
32367B3Variant DetailOhio quick connect female recessed finishing plate
32367B4Variant DetailRecessed Rough in Assembly for Ohio style quick connect?DISS
32370B2Variant DetailDISS O2 recessed finishing plate
Notes: A two-part assembly makes up this unit. It is recessed into the wall and the finishing plate fits flush with the wall, similar to an electrical outlet

Surface Mount Console Assembly

Reorder CodeImageDescription
32367B10Variant DetailSurface mount outlet closure
32367B5Variant DetailOhio quick connect female surface finishing plate
32367B6Variant DetailSurface mount console assembly for Ohio stylequick connect/DISS
32370B3Variant DetailDISS O2 surface finishing plate
Notes: The unit is a surface mount console assembly and finishing plate. The assembly has exposed copper line and is mounted on the surface of the wall.