Gas Delivery Management

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Hose Connectors with Hose Barbs

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Product Specifications


Reorder CodeImageDescription
32370B10Variant DetailDISS female
32406B3Variant DetailOhio male quick connect

Carbon Dioxide

DISS female

Reorder CodeImage
32370B7Variant Detail


Reorder CodeImageDescription
32407B14Variant DetailChemtron male quick connect
32407B20Variant DetailOhio male quick connect
32407B22Variant DetailOhio female quick connect


Reorder CodeImageDescription
32032B1 1/8-inch NPT male
32035B1Variant Detail1/8-inch NPT male x hose barb 90 degrees
32386B1Variant Detail1/4-inch NPT female
32386B2Variant Detail1/4-inch NPT male
32386B6 1/8-inch NPT female


Reorder CodeImageDescription
32370B11Variant DetailDISS female
32386B5Variant DetailDISS male
32406B2Variant DetailOhio female quick connect
32406B4Variant DetailOhio male quick connect


Reorder CodeImageDescription
32363B8Variant DetailSchrader female quick connect
32370B5Variant DetailDISS female
32370B8Variant DetailDISS male
32383B2Variant DetailDISS handi-tight
32407B1Variant DetailChemtron female quick connect
32407B10Variant DetailSchrader male quick connect
32407B2Variant DetailChemtron male quick connect
32407B5Variant DetailOhio female quick connect
32407B6Variant DetailOhio male quick connect
32407B7Variant DetailPuritan female quick connect
32407B8Variant DetailPuritan male quick connect
V716601Variant DetailCeiling plate


Reorder CodeImageDescription
32142B1Variant DetailChemtron male quick connect
32228B1Variant DetailOhio male quick connect
32228B2Variant DetailOhio female quick connect
32370B12Variant DetailDISS female