Gas Delivery Management

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Oxygen Connectors without Hose Barbs

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Product Specifications


Reorder CodeImageDescription
32034B1Variant DetailDISS male x 1/8-inch NPT male
32164B4Variant DetailDISS male x male
32242B1Variant DetailPuritan male x DISS male
32343B14Variant DetailDISS female swivel adapter x 1/8-inch NPT male
32363B3Variant DetailChemtron male x DISS male
32363B4Variant DetailChemtron male x DISS female
32363B6Variant DetailChemtron female x DISS female
32363B7Variant DetailSchrader male x DISs male
32370B14 DISS male check valve x 1/4-inch NPT male
32370B6Variant DetailDISS male demand valve x 1/8-inch NPT male
32370B9 DISS male x 1/4-inch NPT male
32386B10Variant DetailDISS female x female coupler
32386B7Variant DetailDISS male x female coupler
32386B9Variant DetailDISS cap
32397B1 1/4-inch NPT male x 1/4-inch NPT male
32397B3Variant Detail1/8-inch NPT male x female
32397B4 1/8-inch NPT male x 1/8-inch NPT male
32397B7Variant Detail1/4-inch NPT male x female
32397B7 Elbow 1/4-inch NPT male x female
32407B11Variant DetailOhio female x DISS male
32407B12Variant DetailOhio male x DISS male
32407B13Variant DetailOhio male x 1/8-inch NPT male
32407B3Variant DetailOhio female x DISS female
32407B4Variant DetailOhio male x DISS female
32417B1Variant Detail1/8-inch street T
32417B2Variant Detail1/4-inch street T
32421B5Variant DetailDISS male check valve x 1/8-inch NPT male
32426B3Variant DetailWye DISS female x two DISS male
32426B4Variant DetailWye Ohio male x two Ohio female
V7113 Supply T dual O2 with checks (for use w/two oxygen sources)
V7338 Wye DISS female x two DISS male with checks
V733803 Wye DISS male x two DISS male with checks