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V3395 TPR Monitor

V3395 TPR Monitor
The V3395 TPR monitor displays temperature, heart rate, pulse oximetry, respiratory rate and also displays a respiratory waveform. A quantitative pulse bar visually shows pulse strength. This monitor comes with a power supply, disposable temperature probe and reusable cable, 2 pulse oximetry sensors with extension cable, respiration cable with sensor and a protective boot.

Product Features
  • Digital SpO2, heart rate, temperature, respiration with respiratory waveform
  • Adjustable alarm limits
  • Visual and audible alarm signals
  • Optional infrared printer (8411)

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Product Specifications

Items Included

Reorder CodeImageDescription
20690B3 Protective boot (blue)
3311Product Image5 ft oximetry extension cable
V1700Product ImageReflectance Pulse Oximetry Sensor
V1703Product ImageUniversal "Y" Pulse Oximetry sensor
V1907P Operations Manual
V3396 Power supply 9V
V3413Product ImageTemperature cable
V3417Product ImageTemperature probe (disposable)
V3422Product ImageRespiration Cable and Sensor

Optional Accessories

Reorder CodeImageDetailDescription
V1707Product Image Pulse Oximetry "C" Sensor
V3078Product Image Mini Clip Pulse Oximetry Sensor
V3397  Power Supply 120 VAC/9 VDC 1A
WW1100 Product DetailStraight Airway Adapters (pack of 10)
WWV3418  Reusable Esophogeal/Rectal Temperature Probe