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Vaporizer Exchange Program

Eliminate downtime with the Vaporizer Exchange Program. Simply place an order for the same agent type and style of vaporizer that you are currently using. A remanufactured vaporizer that has been cleaned and calibrated will be sent to you. Once you receive the vaporizer, drain your current vaporizer and return it using the shipping label provided. Your original vaporizer will not be returned to you. This program includes a one-year warranty on calibration.

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Product Specifications

Exchange Program

Reorder CodeDescription
VCT302MR-82Classic T3 Isoflurane Funnel Fill-MR Conditional
VCT305MR-82Classic T3 Sevoflurane Funnel Fill-MR Conditional
VCT3K2-82Classic T3 Isoflurane Key Fill
VCT3K2MR-82Classic T3 Isoflurane Key Fill-MR Conditional
VCT3K5-82Classic T3 Sevoflurane Key Fill
VCT3K5MR-82Classic T3 Sevoflurane Key Fill-MR Conditional,
WWVCT302XClassic T3 Isoflurane Funnel Fill
WWVCT305XClassic T3 Sevoflurane Funnel Fill