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2550 Ventilator

2550 Ventilator
The 2550 Ventilator is designed to be used as an anesthesia ventilator or a long-term respirator. It has adjustable controls for inspiratory and expiratory time as well as inspiratory flow. The ventilator is transportable.

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Product Specifications

2550 Ventilator

Reorder Code

Items Included

Reorder CodeDescription
32359B748-inch 22 mm cuffed hose
32359B812-inch 22 mm cuffed hose
32391B1Test lung
32426B3DISS Wye connector (F x M x M Wye)
N/A24-inch O2 hose w/DISS female connectors on each end
N/APatient hose
OpManOperations Manual

Optional Accessories

Reorder CodeDescription
V7265Mounting bracket
V7266Roll stand