Waste Gas Management

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AES Gas Evacuation System

AES Gas Evacuation System
The AES Gas Evacuation System safely removes waste gas associated with everyday inhalation anesthesia. Waste gas is collected by passive flow to the AES, then is actively pushed up to 150 feet. Two 19 mm inlets and one exhaust port allows for easy installation. Can be mounted onto a wall or anesthesia machine pole.

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Product Specifications

Items Included

Reorder CodeDescription
32292B13 ft and 10 ft precut hose, 13 mm diameter
OpManOperations Manual
V73111/2-inch PVC adapter

Optional Accessories

Reorder CodeDescription
32086B119 mm tubing (sold by the foot)
32343B2322 mm female x 19 mm male adapter
V7166Ceiling plate cover for evacuation tubing
V7308Scavenger interface valve for active systems
V731319 mm x 19 mm male adapters


Reorder CodeDescription
V7300110 volt system
V7300220220 volt system