RSS Explained

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What is RSS?
Trying to keep up to date with the latest headlines can be slow. It's much easier to have the latest Smiths Medical news and features sent directly to you!

Through RSS you can recieve our latest news headlines and articles, the moment they are published, without having to re-visit the Smiths Medical website every day. 

RSS stands for, 'Really Simple Syndication'. RSS feeds are just a specially programmed web page, which is designed to be read by software rather than people. RSS also ensures your continuing privacy because it prevents the need for you to join mailing lists to recieve up to date information.

How do I start using RSS feeds?
Generally, there are two ways to recieve an RSS feed. One way is to install a news reader. This is software that checks RSS feeds and lets you read new articles that have been added to them. The news reader stores the new articles on your main computer, similar to the way that your email works using Outlook. You open them when you are ready to read them. The other way is to sign up to a web-based reader where no software downloads are required. This also allows you to catch up with your RSS feed(s) from any computer. 

If you would like the latest Smiths Medical News, simply visit our News section where there will be an orange RSS button located on the top right hand side.  If you click on this RSS button you will be shown the feed page. You can subscribe to this feed in several ways. The easiest method is by copying the URL of this RSS feed page into your news reader or into a new feed within your web-based news reader or increasingly into your email software.  Alternatively, if you click on one of our web-based reader links below, this is performed automaticaly for you.

How do I get a Web-based reader?
If you use or would like to use Google Reader, My Yahoo, My MSN, My AOL, Newsgator, or Bloglines portals, our RSS feed has the ability to be added directly to the web based reader. To do this, simply click on the appropriate image/ link below and follow the directions provided.

Add to Google Add our RSS feed to your "Google Reader!"

Add to My Yahoo Add our RSS feed to your "My Yahoo!"

Add to My MSN Add our RSS feed to your "My MSN!"

Add to My AOL Add our RSS feed to your "My AOL!"

Add to Newsgator Add our RSS feed to your "NewsGator!"

Add to Bloglines Add our RSS feed to your "Bloglines!"

How do I download a news reader?
There are currently several different news readers available. We have divided the most common readers into two lists to enable you to select one that will work best with your computer.