Field names followed by a colon and an R (:R) will be considered mandatory and checked.
Field names followed by a colon and an E (:E) will be checked for a valid email address.

These can be combined (:RE) to make an email field mandatory. Users are shown a friendly error page whenever mandatroy fields are not completed.

Tickboxes are not passed to the form handler unless checked. Therefore, to get confirmation a Privacy Policy has been read include two fields:
  1. A checkbox field named Privacy
  2. A hidden field named PrivacyFlag
The existence of the hidden PrivacyFlag field triggers the form handler to check for the existence of the Privacy checkbox. If the checkbox does not exist the user will be appropriately informed.

There are 2 optional hidden fields:
  1. To: This can contain a comma separated list of email addresses that will recieve the completed form. Email addresses must be from the local domain. When not present, the generic email associated with the site will be used.
  2. redirectURL: A specific page the user will be sent to on successfull completion of the form. When not present, a generic thank you page will be shown.
To see examples of all the above, view the 'Source' of this page.